Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Aiming For Enrike’s Time Machine

The Norwegian band play VJs as they pick out some retro music videos.

Music For Working Out is the fourth album from Battles-esque band, Aiming For Enrike. The band’s catalog of artwork could easily be mistaken as a collection of covers to some dusty, out of print zine. In keeping with that artistic style, we asked Aiming For Enrike for their favorite retro music videos. So step into a Delorean (or time machine or your choice) and immerse yourself in the nostalgia.
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Operations Manager

Eddie Murphy — “Party All The Time”

Eddie Murphy and Rick James are having the absolute best time in this music video. This was made during a time when Eddie Murphy was so funny that he decided to record music. In fact he made a whole album (which I haven’t listened to, I don’t need to, I just need this song). Of course the song is a banger. Why? Because it’s Eddie Murphy. That’s why. They also managed to make a very accurate depiction of what it’s usually like in the studio when we record an album.

a-ha — “Take On Me”

This is Norway’s national anthem sung by king Morten Harket and the knights of a-ha. The video retells the true story of how he met his queen. Every Norwegian child gets told this story right before they go to sleep. As is tradition.

Talking Heads — “Life During Wartime”

I know it’s not a music video, but it’s the one where everybody runs in place on the Stop Making Sense concert video. If you don’t know what that is then please go watch the whole thing immediately. It is very, very amazing. This video also proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that David Byrne is the coolest human alive.

Duran Duran — “Rio”

You can fast forward to 3:00 to see the reason I included this video, but I highly recommend you watch the whole thing. There is so much going on. Body paint, sailboats, a crab, weird phone calls etc. It’s really funny and it’s pretty obvious that Duran Duran is in on the joke.

Gary Numan — “Cars”

This is the kind of thing that was in the back of our minds when writing some of the songs on our new album. I have nothing funny to say about it. It’s just really good.

Kraftwerk — “Radioactivity”

Coolest band ever.

Madonna — “Frozen”

When asked to send over some retro music videos, I instantly thought of this one. I remember having my 7-year-old mind blown to bits when first seeing it on TV. Multiple flying Madonnas in the desert turning into birds and a dog while doing weird stuff with her hennaed hands. Deciphering all the hidden messages in this video might lead you to the unified theory of everything.

Huey Lewis and the News — “Power Of Love”

It’s got a Delorean. We have the Delorean on the artwork for “Don’t Hassle The Hoff.” The Doc is in it. Borat’s son is named Huey Lewis. This video isn’t that good. I’m sorry.

Donny Benét — “Santorini”

This song was released only a couple of years ago but it obviously belongs on this list. I’ve been listening to his album The Don all the time for the last couple of months. He somehow manages to have the perfect balance of funny and serious, though his videos tend to tip the scales over to the funny side. If this video doesn’t make you happy, nothing will.

Bros — “When Will I Be Famous?”

I was made aware of the existence of Bros today. I have also been told there is a BBC documentary about Bros that is a real-life This is Spinal Tap. I have also been told that this is a link to the best bits from that documentary. Silent cymbals and a waltzy modulation on the last chorus is enough to earn this video a spot on this list, but the documentary seems to be the real gem here. Please join me in discovering this phenomenon if you haven’t already.

(Photo credit, left: Anne Valeur)