Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Planet Abraxas

Step onto the shorelines, marketplaces, and club floors of the mystical Planet Abraxas.

Welcome to Planet Abraxas. As Carolina Faruolo and Danny Lee Blackwell describe it: “Planet Abraxas is a world filled with jungles, mist-covered rivers, panthers lurking in the night, desolate shopping malls, Neolithic citadels, and sand-worn walls.” Faruolo and Blackwell, who you may know from their other projects — Faruolo formerly of Los Bitchos and Blackwell with Night Beats — are the two minds behind the new project, Abraxas. Their debut album, Monte Carlo, is officially out today. Check it out, and step into the world of Planet Abraxas.
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Director of Operations

Los Mirlos — “Sonido Amazonico”
Los Mirlos’ impeccable guitar sound and clever use of dynamic percussion is an endless source of inspiration for my songwriting. I dare you to listen to this song without dancing along.

Los Destellos — “Constelacion”
Absolute masters of catchy riffs, your hips are glued to the bouncy bass line from the get-go and the layering of different guitar tones keep the song interesting and moving in loads of different directions. This is classic song to hear in the clubs on Planet Abraxas.

Gilda — “Fuiste”
This song was probably the most played at every birthday party and indie disco when I was growing up. It has a classic late ’90s nostalgic feel to it while being super upbeat. And there’s that cumbia bass line again! Gilda, being one of our patron saints, on Planet Abraxas is highly revered.

Los Siderals — “Risque”
’60s instrumental by Los Siderals from Peru, fantastic intertwined guitar melodies and daunting keyboard sound. The inter-dimensional twang heard here is reminiscent of clouds of birds and other winged creatures that take the sky over the sky, seasonally, on Planet Abraxas.

Cuarteto Continental — “Llorando Se Fue”
One of my favorite cumbias of all time, famously known as the “Lambada.” This song was written by a Bolivian band called Los Kjarkas and originally featured loads of typical Andean instruments. Cuarteto Continental’s cover versión was released by iconic Peruvian cumbia/chicha label INFOPESA and the production on this recording is just flawless.

Los Wawanco — “Atrevete A Mirarme De Frente”
Killer groove and amazing vocal performance. The youth of Abraxas actually learn this song at a young age, in their speech/music classes.

The Shadows — “Man Of Mystery”
This era of The Shadows is full of gems, it’s like being at a twangy guitar all-you-can-eat buffet.

The Ventures — “Pipeline”
Another great example of instrumental music taking full advantage of the guitars as lead elements to the point that you don’t even realize there’s no vocals.

Jorge Ben — “Domingas”
Swirling glistening sun filled days, Floating over the coast of the shores of Planet Abraxas.

Wendy Rene — “After Laughter Comes Tears”
The haunting repetitive vocals of Wendy Rene induces a trance. An inspiration to the choral approach of certain songs, “After Laughter Comes Tears” is only transmitted from a small lonely island, off the coast. Strangely, it can only be caught at night on Planet Abraxas, by way of AM radio. You have to turn the dial just the right way to catch the crackling radio signals carrying these haunted melodies.

Serge Gainsbourg — “Ce grand mechant vous”
On a sunny, bright day in the “marketplace of the moons,” this song floats through the air. A busy, bustling marketplace where people visit Planet Abraxas. Our traveler gets lost through the bustling space.

Sergio Mendes — “Comin Home Baby”
The lingering mystery of our planet is found in the rhythms buried in this song. Our river barge is broken down — no fear, we have three days of travel and will stay the night in this mossy lagoon. Purple and green lights our way through the jungle dock to a spinning piano, invisibly played; this is hallowed ground.

Ranil — “Rojo Lamento”
The intricate and steadfast rhythm of Ranil, details our map. Through ancient stone underpasses and vanishing roads, the path is detailed by the tone and color of the guitar work and orchestration of Ranil.

The Cleaners From Venus — “Balloon Drop Shadow”
The ancient tramway of Planet Abraxas drops us off at an empty mall, stowed away in the vine covered hills. The technology used to create such a massive structure questions our dating and understanding of this world. This song transports us along this path.

Lee Scratch Perry — “Dub Them Natty”
Dreams are different on Planet Abraxas. Lee Scratch Perry’s alien transmissions warp time and space, breathing life into our imaginations.

Selena — “Baila esta Cumbia”
The movement and percussive nature of Selena’s voice is ingrained into the living of our planet. The matriarch of Planet Abraxas, Selena, bore a light that has been passed on throughout time. The influence of her stylings and color have no bounds, and Monte Carlo is graced by it.

Jorge Ben — “Take It Easy My Brother Charlie”
Carnival day on Planet Abraxas, the colors and lights create their own technicolor greenhouse, and Jorge Ben’s voice inspires movement and dance. Planet Abraxas spins in orbit around the beauty of these chords and melodies.