Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Jamming Out with Alice Jemima

The English singer picks some of her favorite electronic, experimental, and R&B tracks for your weekend

Today’s weekend playlist comes from English singer Alice Jemima who released her debut, self-titled album last month through Sunday Best Recordings. In celebration of her debut album, she created a Talkhouse weekend playlist of her recent favorite tracks. Check them out and have a nice weekend!
-Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Darkside – “A1”
I’m a big fan of Nicolas Jaar, who’s one of the members in Darkside alongside guitarist Dave Harrington. I really love the guitar in the tracks and the stripped back, moody production. So cool.

Nicolas Jaar – “And I Say (Xinobi Edit)”
I think I came across this one on Hype Machine quite a few years back now. I listened to it a lot back then and then kinda forgot about it until recently – I’m pretty obsessed with this one!

Two Feet – “Go Fuck Yourself”
I love the striped back feeling at the start of this track, and then the massive bass and guitar licks that come in. Big fan!

Airling – “Move Me”
I heard this track recently and instantly loved it. Has a bit of a Blood Orange feel to it.

Lana Del Rey – “Love”
I’ve always loved Lana, especially her first album, and this new track.

FKJ – “Better Give You Up”
FKJ is an artist I came across early this year, and haven’t really stopped listening too. He’s actually just put an album out, which I’m sure will be getting a lot of play over the summer.

HONNE (feat. Kill J) – “FHKD”
I’m a huge fan of Honne and this other artist Kill J, so it was sweet to see they’d got together to do this track. I do love this one

Loyle Carner (feat. Kwes) – “Florence”
Another one of those tracks which I’ve listened to so many times and still can’t get enough of. Big fan of Loyle Carner and his work.

Emma Jensen – “Closer”
A cool track I heard recently and was awesome to see that she also self-produced this track.

The XX – “Intro”
The guitar in this. The beats. The bass.