Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Heading Out on Tour with Hinds

The band shares tracks from some of their all-time favorite bands.

Madrid-based garage rockers Hinds have had a busy year releasing their debut album, Leave Me Alone, complete with a new deluxe version and an animated music video. Now, they’re preparing for their final U.S. tour of the year starting October 17. To kick things off, the group made us this great playlist, so give it a listen, and have a great weekend!
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Novedades Carminha – “Cariñito”

Spanish garage rock veterans. They just released this album and keep writing great songs nonstop.

The Growlers – “City Club”

We’ve loved the Growlers since forever! We always think their melodies in the vocals are incredibly special and lyrics are meaningful, too. This song, from the last album (same name), was produced by Julian Casablancas and the mix is just perfect.

Anderson .Paak – “The Bird”

We saw them this summer at a festival. I seriously can’t remember which one! Haha! But we totally fell in love.

Los Nastys – “La Lenta”

Los Nastys has been our favorite band in the world since 2009, along with the Parrots. They have taught us everything we know about performing and maybe also about writing songs.

Twin Peaks – “Wanted You”

This is probably our favorite song off of Twin Peaks’ new album! And we also really like love songs.

Solange – “Cranes in the Sky”

You always need a super chill tune like this one.

Dead Ghosts – “I Sleep Alone”

Dead Ghosts have always been one of our all-time favorite bands. And we’ve been covering their songs for a long time as well.

Slaves – “The Hunter”

We love the Slaves, our good friends. When we saw them at Leeds Festival last August playing the main stage, Isaac had just hurt his collarbone, but still went out to play. This song was the most impressive of all!

The Parrots – “No Me Gustas Te Quiero”

Our very best friends and big brothers the Parrots released one of the best albums of this year. I think this was the first song they showed us before the album came out and it’s beautiful.

Beyonce – “Hold Up”

I remember when we first heard Lemonade we were in Australia and we played that album over and over and over. This song got very stuck in our minds!

(Photo credit: Mitchell Wojcik)