Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: FIDLAR’s Guide to SoundCloud Rap

Zac Carper gives us a brief intro to the genre he calls "the new punk rock."

This week’s playlist comes courtesy of FIDLAR’s Zac Carper. Last year, Carper told us that in 2018 he came to the conclusion that SoundCloud rap is the new punk, so ahead of the band’s latest album—Almost Free, out today—we asked him to put together a playlist of his favorites of the genre. Check it out!
—Annie Fell, Associate Editor, Talkhouse Music

Dylan Brady — “Key Of C”
The laptop has become a instrument that has unlimited potential. This guy uses the laptop the way Link Wray created distortion by cutting the speaker of a guitar amp.

Juice WRLD — “Black & White”
A great mix of hip hop and emo. It blows my mind. I wish this type of music was coming out when I was a kid.

This guy is insanely talented. A mix between hip hop and metal. This is gonna be the future. I believe he’s gonna be changing the game of metal and hip hop.

Lil QWERTY — “Check, Please!”
Arizona rapper. Such an amazing use of autotune. Insane cool beat.

Lou The Human — “Macklemore”
Been following this guy for a minute. A more New York old school style, but his lyrics and the way he delivers them make it feel new and refreshing. This dude is gonna blow up for sure.

Mangchi — “The Best”
David Choe’s band. A collection of friends making siiiiick sounding hip hop. Reminds me of Beastie Boys.

LVE ft. LEE (Prod. Sixxth) — “Stadium”
This has a combination of two of my favorite underground rappers and my favorite producer. A combination of R&B and hip hop with some amazing production. All done on a laptop with a broken screen.

Camian Dunbar — “Emma”
I don’t really know much about this guy. Everything is very limited, but there is a hint of indie folk and hip hop in this track, and I think it’s beautiful and sad.

Sixxth — “Eight”
My favorite producer of all time. This whole track was made on a broken laptop.