Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: An Introduction to Jazztronica by Blue Lab Beats

Blue Lab Beats guide us through modern Jazztronica with artists like Kiefer, Mndsgn, and Potatohead People.

Here’s a fun way to kick off your Friday. London-based duo Blue Lab Beats is the product of producer NK-OK and multi-instrumentalist Mr DM. They have a new EP, We Will Rise, on today via Blue Note Records. The EP melds the sounds of hip-hop, Afrobeat, and funk to create this interesting jazztronica sound. Today, they share their picks that influenced the record and offer a primer to jazztronica. Check it out!
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Director of Operations

This playlist features songs that influenced our journey with our new EP, We Will Rise, and also offers a nice little introduction to newer jazztronica.

—Blue Lab Beats

Butcher Brown — “Frontline”
Love the musicianship on this song, and the solos are so cold!

Josef Leimberg — “Celestial Visions”
The orchestra in this song sounds absolutely amazing. The drums slaaaap!

Anatole Muster, Daniel Hayn & Tennyson feat. Kiefer & Hadrien Feraud — “Vacuum Lessons”
There are so many small details in this song that just give the music so much life — and then when the melody comes in, it’s madness.

Mndsgn & Sofie — “Abeja”
Amazing, chilled-out vibes on this song, and just effortless arrangement.

Doom Cannon — “Amalgamation – Live”
The variation and changes in this song give the music so much life, and once again, incredible solos.

DJ Harrison — “Dilla’s Eclair”
I love how crusty this song sounds. Like he just went, “Hey, imma take you guys back to ’90s beat tapes vibes.”

Kiefer — “Superhero”
This song is just utterly insane! Effortless arrangement. An amazing solo from Kiefer.

Bluestaeb feat. Melodiesinfonie & S. Fidelity — “Last Minute Session Cut – The Outro”
I love the tense chords, but then chilled crusty drums all happening at the same time.

Gianni Brezzo — “New Magic”
The chords are actually so delicious on this joint. Love the use of effects on multiple instruments in certain sections. Just a beautiful track.

Potatohead People feat. Trian Kayhatu — “Returning the Flavour”
I love the trap-style hi-hats going on and the funky synth and guitar lines all happening at the same time.

(Photo Credit: right, Joseph Abbey-Mensah)