Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: The Roots of Rejoicer

The beat producer and Raw Tapes founder shares some songs that inspired his latest release, Spiritual Sleaze.

Yuvi Havkin, aka Rejoicer, is back with Spiritual Sleaze, his second full-length record on Stones Throw Records. The beat producer is a natural fit for the LA label, drawing from funk, hip-hop, ambient, and jazz sounds. To celebrate the release of Spiritual Sleaze, we asked Rejoicer to explore some inspirations behind the album; he embarked on a musical journey, and returned with this playlist.
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Operations Manager

Art Lande — “Quintennaissance”
Pure beauty from ECM related composer Art Lande, with Jan Garbarek on flute.

Chick Corea — “Children’s Songs: No. 4”
Very influential work for many. Chick’s composing and playing is one of a kind. Left hand on the piano here is playing simple and harmonic patterns which leaves a big space for the right hand to fill in with melodies. So good!

Azimuth — “Zombie”
A funky tune from Brazil.

Burna Boy — “Gbona”
Love Burna Boy and especially this song from his latest album. It’s been a long time since something so “pop” influenced me this much. The African groove here is so smart and tight, I just had to make some afro-beat riddims myself.

Michou — “Maloya Ton Tisane”
Maloya from Réunion Island. My young brother visited there for shows two or three years ago and came back to show us some Maloya songs — everyone should be on it.

Steve Reich — “Mallet Quartet: 1. Fast”
Listening to Steve Reich is sometimes like smoking changa (or DMT). The patterns and repetitions here are so unique and organic, it’s really like a living creature.

Googoosh — “Hala Bavar Bekonam”
One of my fav Persian singers, this Googoosh tune broke my heart a few years back. I produced a version of this song for Liraz’s album.

Morgan Delt — “Barbarian Kings”
My friend Willie (Gaslamp Killer) showed me Morgan’s music last year and I was blown away. We went to see his show in Highland Park, LA and was even more into it after.

Westside Gunn — “Gunnlib”
Madlib produced this beat and it’s crazy. I just can’t stop listening to it.

Jah Shaka Meets Aswad — “Rockers Delight”
This is one of the best dub albums to me. All played only with a trio of piano, drums, and bass.

(Photo credit: Eric Coleman)