Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Apifera’s Swirling Soundtracks

The Stones Throw band, whose latest album is titled Overstand, share their cinematic picks.

It’s no surprise that Stones Throw Records is bringing us yet another jazz innovator. Apifera is a new project of Yuval Havkin — aka Rejoicer — Nitai Hershkovits, Amir Bresler, and Yonatan Albala. Their debut album, Overstand (out now), blends electronic jazz, folk, and jazz fusion elements. You can view a recent improv session from Stones Throw’s IGTV here. And be sure to check out their favorite soundtracks below in this weekend playlist.
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Director of Operations

Nino Rota  — “O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia”
This is what everyone wants. Beautiful, satisfying musical architecture. Enough said.

R.D. Burman — “Pal Do Pal Ka Saath Humara”
A legendary composer whose instrumentation and music are always cutting-edge. The moment the rhythm and tempo enters is priceless.

Bernard Herrmann — “Prelude Outer Space Suite”
Beautiful motive and colors by Bernard Hermann, deep and slow.

Angelo Badalamenti — “Blue Velvet: Main Title Theme”
Iconic melody and harmony. The connection between Angelo and David Lynch is so special and perfect.

Klaus Doldinger — “Bastian’s Happy Fight”
Epic, emotional nostalgia combining orchestra and electronica, hitting all the right ’80s chords and sparkling melodies. A perfect accompaniment to an amazing movie.

Danny Elfman — “The Incantation”
In Albalak’s opinion, Beetlejuice is the best movie ever made, mostly because it’s so wack and stands completely alone in its genre. The music is also a far-out mixture of so many colors, all bubbling up in Danny Elfman’s unique melting pot.

Air — “Bathroom Girl”
Albalak loves it when soundtracks are made by bands. This intimate and haunting modern/vintage score gets under your skin from the first notes of the heartbreaking title song.

Galt MacDermot — “Come Away Death”
Everything here is perfect, the work of a genius.

Baligh Hamdi — “My Love Story”
Amazing Egyptian composer, one of a kind piece.

(Photo Credit: Ben Kirschenbaum)