Talkhouse Playlist: Settled Music from Pavo Pavo

A playlist of songs that create an atmosphere to sit in.

Classically-inspired experimental pop group Pavo Pavo release their debut album, Young Narrator in the Breakers, 11/11 on Bella Union. While their songs tend toward upbeat, lush pop rock, their playlist for today focuses on the low key. Give it a listen and enjoy the spacey atmosphere.
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Theme: Settled Music

These are tracks that create a space to sit in, and they stay there! Some are slow, some are fast, but all are settled in their own specific atmosphere.

Cate Le Bon – “I Think I Knew”

Classic songwriting from the impossibly talented CLB. There’s something about Perfume Genius’ verse that also functions as a zoom-out in this great way, as if Cate has been surrounded by a gang of co-conspirators all along. – Oliver

Paul McCartney – “Ram On”

I’ve always thought this song captured something so sad and autumnal, the loping rhythm and the endless cycle set to “give your heart to somebody new.” It breaks my heart every time. Plus indie rock in the early 2000s totally copied it in every way! – Oliver

Anna Meredith – “Nautilus”

An awesome miniature piece of rhythmic complexity here…very minimal, and it’s fun to listen to what she does with just a few repeated sonic elements. Each big moment is worth waiting for :). – Eliza

Porches – “Daddies”

Aaron sent me this song when I was a freshman in college and he was a junior, and I remember sitting in the courtyard at one or two in the morning and listening over and over, so proud that someone I knew had made something so beautiful. – Oliver

Meredith Monk – “Travel Dream Song”

A true original. Meredith Monk is ever and always inspiring, an individual and creative thinker, dedicated to performance on all levels. – Eliza

Lizzy Mercier Descloux – “Fire”

Honestly, I just love that she can pull this off. – Eliza

Luke Temple – “Hardest Working Self-Made Mexican”

Hard to pick a fave track from this record, which is one of the greats of our time. The writing, the sonics, the changes, it speaks for itself. – Oliver

Sharon Van Etten – “Don’t Do It”

I loved this album when it came out (I was in college at the time) and it continues to be near and dear to my heart. This song has an amazing cyclical, repetitive thing going on, pushing you around the same bend over and over again. Sharon has such an expressive voice, and I’m just deeply attached to the way it sits next to the mellow, lo-fi sound of the electric guitar and diffuse drums on this album. – Eliza

New Pornographers – “Bones of an Idol”

This is just great songwriting: good chords, great melody and counter-melody writing. These early New Pornographers albums are all about that. – Eliza

David Bowie – “Warszawa”

At the peak of his popularity, he did this… – Oliver

Photo credit: Enrico Brunetti