Talkhouse Playlist: Gabriella Cohen Gives Us Songs by Glowworms and Raindrops

A playlist full of timeless harmonies and classic, witty lyrics.

Gabriella Cohen took ten days and a pair of microphones to record her first solo full-length record, Full Disclosure and No Details. Since then, the album was picked up by Australian label Dot Dash and Brooklyn label Captured Tracks, and for good reason. Gabriella’s music works on a raw, minimalistic level, while retaining that feeling when the arrangements explode in ethereal bursts. Today’s playlist gives some insight into the songwriters and performers who inspire Gabriella, so give it a listen, and catch her performing in New York for the first time 11/10 at Mercury Lounge and 11/12 at Alphaville in Brooklyn.
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Nick Drake – “All My Trials”

Timeless harmonies by Nick Drake and his sister, Gabrielle, I believe. For me this is a pure honest sound I could listen to forever.

Woody Guthrie – “Philadelphia Lawyer”

Same kind of shtick for me. Classic, witty lyrics, great harmonies.

Leonard Cohen – “One of Us Cannot be Wrong”

This song makes my heart pain at how good at is. The melody… the way it stretches through the whole song… the yearning at the end…

Vashti Bunyan – “Autumn Tears”

Vashti Bunyan is someone I found through listening to Devendra Banhart. An album that has been on repeat is Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind. Fantastic. And the second side is some pretty special first ever recordings she did when she was quite young. She sings like a glowworm or a raindrop. Timeless again.

Jordan Rochfort – “11:30”

A dear friend of mine who writes some of the best music I’ve heard. This album was recorded in my lounge room at 24 Sexton Street. I miss that street. I remember Jordan just sat down with one condenser and did the whole thing. At least that is what I remember.

Maddy Kirgo – “There’s Always Summer”

I discovered Maddy Kirgo randomly on Soundcloud…. I thought this track is absolutely beautiful… captures the same quality you will find on something Nick Drake did…. You can smell the sweetness when she sings…

Little Joy – “Play the Part”

I fell madly in love with Little Joy when I was about fifteen.  Haven’t ever really stopped listening to them. The whole album that this track lives has always fascinated me with how diverse it is, particularly the percussion and guitar talking/rhythms.

Vetiver – “Must Be in a Good Place Now”

This song speaks to me. I recently learnt that Bobby Charles wrote it. None the less… I am in awe of everything Vetiver does… They are in their own golden alternate universe. please listen to them.

Girls – “Love Like a River”

Taken from Father Son and Holy Ghost… such a brilliant album…. It’s like if Roy Orbison went pink punk pop…. It has got me by many a time….Just listen to it…

Paul Simon – “Peace Like a River”

One of the finest solo records… I found it in an old vinyl store; it became a treasure of mine until I think my housemates were moving and it got snapped in half. For me this record is the best form of solicitude.

Photo credit: Kain Balzary