Talkhouse Playlist: Alex Clare Hopes Love Can Heal

The songwriter takes us on a journey down the River Lea.

Alex Clare’s journey has taken him from hanging with celebrities to a more orthodox lifestyle, and on his latest release he reflects on life as a father and a husband. Recorded on a boat while traveling the River Lea, Tail of Lions explores the frustrations and joys of life. To celebrate its release, he put together today’s playlist full of dreamscapes, sincere songwriters and much more.
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Leonard Cohen – “You Want It Darker”
Leonard Cohen was one of the greatest songwriters and most sincere people…and that voice! I miss him greatly; his honesty can’t be matched. To quote him, “I struggled with some demons, they were middle class and tame.” Amazing.

Submotion Orchestra – “Empty Love”
They’re fantastic at creating dreamscapes in sound.

Donny Hathaway – “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know”
First time I heard this, it moved me to tears. One of the greatest love sings ever written.

Bill Withers – “Hope She’ll Be Happier with Him”
Some of my earliest memories musically were singing along to Bill; there’s probably no one who has shaped and helped form my view of songwriting as much as Mr. Withers.

Chet Faker – “Gold”
Male singers in hats with ginger beards have to stick together!

The Band (Feat. The Staple Singers) – “The Weight”
Mavis and Pa Staples really own this song for me.

Alex Clare – “Tired by the Fire”
I wrote this with my good friend Chris while chilling on his boat on a chilly London day. We lit the stove, and quickly got super sleepy from the warmth. It inspired slightly more esoteric thoughts.

Alex Clare – “Love Can Heal”
I really hope it can.

The White Stripes – “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”
I love this tune for the filthy guitars and nasty grunginess.

Zusha – “Mashiach”
These are good friends of mine, making beautiful melodies somewhere in Brooklyn.