Talkhouse Playlist: Inspirational Organ from the Blind Shake

With B3 classics from Booker T. & the M.G.'s and more.

Today’s playlist comes from the Minneapolis mystical rock trio the Blind Shake. In addition to the band’s signature spacey, fuzzy sound, the group added some B3 organ to their latest release, Celebrate Your Worth. Give it a listen, and check out the playlist below for some of the band’s favorite organ tracks!
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Our newest album Celebrate Your Worth has a couple of tracks featuring a B3 organ. Both songs will be pretty much impossible to play live without a fourth member, but it really got us thinking about the possibilities. If only there was an amazing organ player out there who never needed to eat, could fit in the glovebox of a minivan, and always had breakthrough ideas…

Here are ten tracks featuring our favorite inspirational organ players and parts!

The Coachwhips – “Extinguish Me”
The best organ/electric pianos are either $6 or thousands. This one is $6.

Thee Oh Sees – “The Axis”

Chris Woodhouse, who recorded our album, is a mean B3 organ player. He plays on many of Thee Oh Sees’ albums. This performance is jaw-dropping.

Booker T and the MGs – “Green Onions (live in Norway)”

You’ve heard this song a million times, but the live version shows what sweet chops were left off the record so as to not demoralize other players.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat – “Witch in the Club (live)”

Seeing Quintron live is fun, bizarre and impressive.

Reigning Sound – “Drowning”
The organ player doesn’t have to show off in this band. He just grounds each song with soul. Saw the original lineup at Gonerfest and they slayed!

Comets on Fire – “Sour Smoke”

My all-time favorite track by these guys. Five minutes in is the best organ solo ever.

? and The Mysterians – “96 Tears”
Jim listens to this song on repeat like a maniac. I don’t get it.

The Monks – “Oh, How To Do Now”

This band is a huge influence on us. Pro football teams should listen to the Monks in the locker room to understand true teamwork and execution of a singular goal. Also, I know most football players have really uninteresting musical tastes. “Enter Sandman”? Still? Get your head out of your ass. Let’s go! (Clapping while talking.)

The Screamers – “Vertigo”

Hey, our mom has vertigo! I’m so offended. I’m offended that she was into cool music back in the ’70s, but never told us about this insane band!

Uriah Heap – “Easy Livin'”
Word on the street is that this song is actually about being a born-again Christian! Maybe if more songs by born-agains were this badass we’d all be watching slick-haired dudes in shiny suits pound podiums every Sunday. “Our God Is an Awesome God” just ain’t going to get me to roll out of bed.