Sun Kil Moon Has a New Song and I Already Parodied It

Morgan Enos (Other Houses, Hollow Sunshine, Hheaven) busts out his Mark Kozelek impression once more.

Look, I had no intention of continuing to make Mark Kozelek parodies after February’s Under the Canopy.

Until yesterday, when I heard Sun Kil Moon’s new song “God Bless Ohio,” off his upcoming album, Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood (2017). I was astonished by this extended jam about appreciating your origins — warts and all.

But I’ve never been to Ohio. So, I wrote, recorded and uploaded “God Bless Atascadero” to YouTube within the hour.

To even the scales between the real and false Kozeleks, my alternate-universe Mark’s song is about his upbringing in my hometown, mostly known for its hospital for deviants and underfunded zoo. The gorgeously elegaic lyrics are gilded with classical trills and light percussion.

Thank you, real Kozelek. Let us never forget our roots.

Morgan Enos is a songwriter in Hollow Sunshine, Other Houses and Hheaven whose Sun Kil Moon parody went viral in 2016. His new LP, Fabulous Dates, will be released in November 2016 on Aagoo Records. He can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.