Revisited Video Essay: Independence Day, a Milestone in Special Effects, Comic Relief, and More

Celebrate July 4th with an epoch-defining video essay by Kentucker Audley on the classic Will Smith movie where he goes and shoots all those aliens.

We’re taking a break for a couple days for the holiday, but there could be no more fitting way to mark Independence Day than with Kentucker Audley’s video essay on the film of the same name, the first in a series of amazing video essays he made for Talkhouse. Happy 4th, everyone! — N.D.

To celebrate the release of Independence Day: Resurgence, I thought I’d go back and watch the original Independence Day movie. It’s a milestone movie full of excitement, suspense, action and comic relief. And it will always be remembered as the movie that made Will Smith a Hollywood legend, and one of Jerry Bruckheimer’s best movies. The form of video essay has grown in popularity over the last couple years because it’s a great way to dig deeper into the magic of movies. ID4, as it’s commonly referred to, is a perfect movie to explore through the video essay because of how awesome it is. I hope you enjoy revisiting this classic as much as I did!

Kentucker Audley is an actor, filmmaker and programmer. He stars in Amy Seimetz’s Sun Don’t Shine, Ti West’s The Sacrament, and Dustin Guy Defa’s Bad Fever. He has directed four feature films, including Open Five, which was called one of the Top 25 films of 2010 by The New Yorker, and Open Five 2. He also runs, which screens new indie films.