Panda Bear (Animal Collective) Talks with Paul Maroon (The Walkmen) on the Talkhouse Podcast

“We were vegetables, and they were really waiting for their steak sandwich.”

On this week’s Talkhouse Podcast we’ve got two guys who were part of monumentally influential bands in the 2000s, and who continue to make groundbreaking music today: Paul Maroon and Noah Lennox (aka. Panda Bear). 

Maroon is behind the incredible, instantly recognizable guitar sound of The Walkmen, a band that sort of split up a decade ago but reunited just this year for what has turned into an incredibly jubilant tour. The band is currently in Europe, where they just played a show in Lennox’s adopted home country of Portugal, and they’ll return for a string of U.S. dates this fall, culminating in a hometown—that’d be New York—show in October. Since the Walkmen split, Maroon has mostly turned his attention to composing classical music and the occasional film score. He put out a really engaging record with the pianist Jenny Lin called 13 Short Piano Pieces, with each of those pieces inspired by and named for a different place Maroon has lived—he currently calls Seville, Spain home. Check out “El Raval” right here, and go to for info on his solo stuff, or for tour dates.

Maroon released a seven-inch recently that featured singing from his friend Noah Lennox, who’s perhaps better known by the name he uses as part of Animal Collective, Panda Bear. Lennox has been part of that massively influential experimental rock band for nearly 25 years, and he’s released a ton of great music both with Animal Collective and as a solo artist. His latest release, though, is a collaboration with Pete Kember, also known as Sonic Boom. Kember was a member of Spacemen 3 way back when, and he’s also released incredible music as Spectrum and E.A.R. He’s also earned his production stripes over the years, producing records for Beach House, MGMT, and… Panda Bear. Last year, Kember and Lennox released a collaborative album they recorded during the pandemic called Reset, and they just followed it with a dub version of the album remixed by Adrian Sherwood called Reset in Dub. Check out “Gettin’ to the Point” from Reset.

In this conversation, we learn that Lennox was in attendance for the first-ever Walkmen show; we hear about their adventures living in Portugal and Spain, the difference between a good show and a bad show, and whether these two are “daily guys.” Lennox also makes an accurate prediction about the NBA Finals, even though, as you’ll hear, this is not a basketball podcast. Enjoy.

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(Feature photos courtesy of the artists, edited by Keenan Kush.)

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