Onur Tukel (Summer of Blood) Talks Antoine Fuqua’s Southpaw

Sometimes it takes an act of great creativity and originality to write intelligently about a film that lacks creativity and originality...

Southpaw_High_Res_1 Southpaw_High_Res_2 Southpaw_High_Res_3 Southpaw_High_Res_4 Southpaw_High_Res_5 Southpaw_High_Res_6 Southpaw_High_Res_7 Southpaw_High_Res_8 Southpaw_High_Res_9

Onur Tukel is a writer/director, artist and sometimes actor.  He recently wrote and directed the movies Applesauce and Abby Singer/Songwriter.  His vampire comedy Summer of Blood is now on Netflix.  And his children’s books Little Friends and Rainstack! are out there somewhere.