Nikki Glaser Talks with Kaitlyn Bristowe for the Talkhouse Podcast

The two spill some serious Bachelor Nation tea on the most XXX Talkhouse Podcast episode ever.

What’s uuuuuuup!!

Dearest listeners, the Talkhouse Podcast team is back from Life Is Beautiful Fest in Las Vegas and we can definitively report that it totally. fookin’. RULES!

We saw Billie Eilish start five separate mosh pits; watched famous DJs spin to a rooftop pool full of three-drinks-in, beach-ball-tossing, all-gender hotties at 1:00 in the afternoon; made it rain on 11th Street Records picking up rare original-pressing Smiths 12″s; and danced like fools down strobe-lit alleyways soundtracked by blasting synth-drenched four on the floor. (Fine, I’ll admit that those last two were just me…)

Oh, yeah, and we also put on three live Talkhouse Podcast events! For the Life Is Beautiful Comedy series, we paired SNL’s Chris Redd, Fred Armisen, and Portugal. The Man, then comedian Nikki Glaser with Bachelor Nation mega-star Kaitlyn Bristowe.

And as part of the Life Is Beautiful Ideas vertical, we brought together actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.

This week we share Nikki and Kaitlyn’s HILARIOUS talk. Tune in for Kaitlyn spilling tea on Ashley I and Jared’s wedding, Nick Vial, JJ Lane, and her beef with The Bachelor creator Mike Fleis. Nikki tells us which Bachelor she’s dying to get with, how her stint on Dancing With The Stars left her a wreck, and about her brilliant just-dropped new Netflix special Bangin’.

And of course, with these two, we hear all about the benefits of getting tied up in bed; why men should “explore their assholes;” and dating bisexuals. Plus, Nikki changes Kaitlyn’s life by teaching her how to fart silently.

Our special guest co-host for this episode is Liam Mathews, co-host of A Beautiful Podcast to Fall in Love, TV Guide’s unofficial Bachelor Nation podcast.

Check it out!

Today’s show was recorded at Life Is Beautiful by Logan Shields and Mark Yoshizumi, and at Hook and Fade Studios in Brooklyn by our co-producer Mark Yoshizumi.

The Talkhouse Podcast’s theme song was composed and performed by The Range.

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