McIntosh “For the Love of Music…” — Ben Blackwell (Third Man Records)

Elia Einhorn sits down with Ben Blackwell, co-founder of the world-renowned Third Man Records.

In the second episode of the McIntosh “for the love of music…” podcast series presented by Talkhouse, Elia Einhorn spoke with Ben Blackwell, head honcho and co-founder of the world-renowned Third Man Records alongside Jack White, and drummer of Detroit band the Dirtbombs. In the talk, Blackwell discusses Third Man’s approach to the music industry — their business model, their philosophy, and the decisions behind their curation process. He also touches on Third Man’s commitment to integrity and “doing things the old fashioned way;” tells the story of Neil Young and a very old (and expensive) recording booth; and gives a full rundown on the gear that he and Jack White use to listen to records.