Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane) Talks with Melanie Lynskey (Togetherness) for The Talkhouse Film Podcast

The two actresses cement their friendship by sitting down to share stories of the Hollywood trenches.

On the latest episode of the Talkhouse Film podcast, filmmaker, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead marks the release of her new movie, 10 Cloverfield Lane, by sitting down with Togetherness star Melanie Lynskey. Over the course of a frank and entertaining conversation, the two discuss everything from the inevitable insecurities that come from watching yourself on screen, to improvisation, their beginnings in the film business, the perils of making audition tapes, and their differing approaches to timekeeping. For more filmmakers talking film and TV, visit Talkhouse Film at

The music featured in the podcast is as follows:
1. Intro / outro underscore: “Plastic Man vs. The Giant Red Phase Of The Sun” – Iced Ink

Episode engineered and edited by Elia Einhorn

Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead can currently be seen in PBS’ mini-series Mercy Street and the J.J. Abrams-produced movie 10 Cloverfield Lane. Her credits prior credits include Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof, Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, John Moore’s Live Free or Die Hard and James Ponsoldt’s Smashed. With Dan the Automator, Winstead formed the duo Got a Girl, who released their debut album I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now in 2014.