Make Tommy Siegel (Jukebox the Ghost, Narc Twain) Draw Something Filthy – But Not Too Filthy

The amateur cartoonist is taking his “van doodles” project to the Talkhouse’s Instagram for one day only.

I’m Tommy Siegel. I play guitar and sing in the indie-rock punk band Narc Twain and the pop band Jukebox the Ghost. When I’m in the van on tour, my way of avoiding falling into a mind-numbing, iPhone-induced stupor is taking doodle requests via Twitter. People will request something like “Newt Gingrich riding an ostrich” and I’ll doodle it, take a photo and tweet it out.

The cartoons aren’t what you might call “good,” but their creation has become a really fun back-and-forth with strangers on social media. After doing this for a few years, it spiraled into a compilation book titled Van Doodles: Drawings by Request on Tour. I’m sure I’ll end up doing a Van Doodles 2: Revenge of Van Doodles at some point in my pseudo-career as an amateur cartoonist.

Next up, however, I’ve been asked to take over the Talkhouse Instagram and take requests from you, the readers, on Saturday, November, 21. To make a request, tweet to @narctwain or @tommysiegel and I’ll try my best to draw your suggestion (assuming it’s not filthy. A little filthy is OK. But not too filthy. This is a family website). All doodles will be posted to the Talkhouse Instagram.

To get us started, the editors of the Talkhouse requested that I do a doodle of “a record that changed you.” Here it is.


This is one of the first albums I ever bought, and it deeply affected my perception of Fugazi. It’s one of their poppiest releases.

Now, what do you want me to draw?

Tommy Siegel is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter-guitarist-bassist-producer in Jukebox the Ghost, Narc Twain and Drunken SufisNarc Twain writes guitar-centric anthems for 21st century anxiety, conjuring up comparisons to the lyricism of Dismemberment Plan, the anthemic aggression of Cloud Nothings and the wiry guitar interplay of Television. The band formed in 2014 and will be releasing their debut EP on December 4, 2015. Follow Tommy on Twitter here.