Lauren Mayberry (Chvrches) and Haim for The Talkhouse Music Podcast

The lead singer of Chvrches and all three Haim sisters chat backstage at the 2015 Pitchfork Music Festival, and share wisdom, confessions and laughs.

Chvrches was playing a great set at the 2015 Pitchfork Music Festival when we noticed all three members of Haim rocking out by the side of the stage.  Clearly, they’re big Chvrches fans.  When our producer bumped into Este Haim in the VIP area, he asked if she’d like to do a podcast with Lauren Mayberry, Chvrches’ lead singer (and a regular Talkhouse writer).  She absolutely did.  Then Danielle Haim wanted in.  And then Alana Haim wanted in too.  So we wound up with Lauren chatting with all three Haim sisters in a noisy trailer right there on the festival grounds.

Topics covered: how to deal with getting hit in the face with a beachball in front of thousands of people, mesmerizing Afros, panic-vomiting, forgetting lyrics on stage and, most importantly, how to pronounce GIF.

Lauren Mayberry is a member of CHVRCHES.  Their album The Bones of What You Believe is available now via Glassnote Records. You can follow them on Twitter here. HAIM is sisters Alana, Danielle and Este Haim.  Their 2013 debut album Days Are Gone was a critical and commercial hit and earned the band a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.  They are currently at work on their second album and are touring with Taylor Swift.  Their website is here.  They’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Photo credit: Charlotte Zoller