Kathleen Hanna (the Julie Ruin, Bikini Kill) Talks with Meredith Graves (Perfect Pussy, MTV) LIVE for the Talkhouse Music Podcast

Watch it all go down via Facebook.

Fans of the Talkhouse Music Podcast and punk rock take note: we’re hitting Facebook live on Friday, September 30, to host a very special conversation between Meredith Graves (Perfect Pussy, MTV News) and Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, the Julie Ruin).

The two will be sitting down for a chat at the Sonos store in New York City at 11 a.m. EST that will be streamed to your eyes via the Sonos Facebook page. Bone up for this sure-to-be incredible talk with the playlist below… and maybe have a few questions of your own on hand.
— Brenna Ehrlich, Talkhouse Music Editor-in-Chief