Jukebox the Ghost’s Tommy Siegel Gives Us a Glimpse at Millennials’ Dark Future

Tommy took over our Instagram again for his van doodles series.

Being a touring musician can definitely have its perks, but the experience is also replete with lots of mind-numbing hours in the van. To fight the fatigue, Tommy Siegel of Jukebox the Ghost, Narc Twain and the Drunken Sufis started taking requests for what he calls “Van Doodles” – which are basically what they sound like. Tommy even put together a book of those doodles, which you can purchase here.

Now, Tommy’s doodles have a new home: the Talkhouse Instagram. Every few weeks, Siegel will be taking over our photofeed and taking requests. The singer-guitarist put pen to paper this past weekend, and we have our favorite of his doodles below. If you missed out this time around, never you fear – Tommy will be back in the van and doodling very soon. Keep an eye on our Instagram to find out when.
– the editors of the Talkhouse Music

Van-doodle-by-request: “@jukeboxtheghost as Transformers.”

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doodle-by-request-on-tour: “the final thoughts of Ted Cruz’s booger before being eaten on live television.”

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doodle-on-tour request: “millennials 70yrs later as grandparents”

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Tommy Siegel is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter-guitarist-bassist-producer in Jukebox the Ghost, Narc Twain and Drunken SufisNarc Twain writes guitar-centric anthems for 21st century anxiety, conjuring up comparisons to the lyricism of Dismemberment Plan, the anthemic aggression of Cloud Nothings and the wiry guitar interplay of Television. The band formed in 2014 and will be releasing their debut EP on December 4, 2015. Follow Tommy on Twitter here.