Judd Apatow Talks with David Duchovny on the Talkhouse Podcast

The two legends hilariously celebrate the life and work of the game-changing comedian Garry Shandling.

Today’s episode is produced in collaboration with Murmrr Ballroom and Community Bookstore.

Judd Apatow and David Duchovny absolutely adored their friend and collaborator Garry Shandling. Since Garry’s death in 2016, Judd has been memorializing the game-changing comedian, first with his HBO documentary The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling, and more recently through the book, It’s Garry Shandling’s Book, comprised of journal entries, photos, and contributions from peers. To celebrate Garry’s life via the book’s release late last year, Judd and David sat down at a sold-out Murmrr Ballroom to share some heartfelt and hilarious stories, and to answer audience questions.

In this very special episode, tune in for tales of boxing and meditating with Garry; on-set shenanigans; wild times at his famous Hollywood basketball games with the likes of Adam Sandler, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt; and so much more.

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—Elia Einhorn, Talkhouse Podcast host and producer @eliaeinhorn

Huge thanks to Brian Kelly and all at Murmrr, and to Community Bookstore in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Today’s show was recorded in Brooklyn by Justin Hrabvosky and our co-producer Mark Yoshizumi, at Murmrr and Hook and Fade Studios.

The Talkhouse Podcast theme song was composed and performed by The Range.

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(Original Photo Credit: Mark Yoshizumi; Edited by: Keenan Kush)

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