Jarobi White (A Tribe Called Quest) Talks with Starita for the Talkhouse Music Podcast

The two remember Phife Dawg.

Jarobi White (A Tribe Called Quest) and Starita, who worked on Tribe’s recent chart-topping album We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service, remember Phife Dawg in this edition of the Talkhouse Music Podcast. Jarobi talks about their earliest days, breaks down the meaning of Tribe lyrics, shares the last words Phife ever spoke to him and so much more. Starita was the last engineer to ever work with Phife, and brings us into those final days of frantic work and heavy emotions. Check it out. Subscribe now on iTunes or Stitcher to stay in the loop on future Talkhouse Podcasts.
— Elia Einhorn, Talkhouse Podcast producer and engineer

Jarobi White is an American hip hop artist, chef and one of the four original members of A Tribe Called Quest. In the early 2010s, Jarobi formed evitaN with Dres, formerly of Black Sheep.

When GRAMMY® recognized music producer Michael Starita broke out from behind the studio glass to make his own music, he already knew about knocking down barriers. Twenty years prior, the Southern boy from Mississippi journeyed to San Francisco with little more than a change of clothes and a crate of vinyl records. Thus began Starita, chapter one: the engineer & producer who would work on successful projects with the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Childish Gambino, and Michael Franti, among others. His single, “Rules,” is out now.