Talkhouse Podcast: Father’s Day Edition

In this special episode, we hear from Prince Paul and his son DJ PForReal, plus horror director Larry Fessenden and his filmmaking son, Jack.

I’m a father. It’s awesome. The best! Seriously. And also simultaneously exhausting and sleepless. And complicated. But eminently worth it!

This week, we here at Talkhouse salute the dads, and father figures, of music and cinema. Our Father’s Day episode pairs two creative father-and-son duos; one pair defining the sound of hip hop, the others prolific film multi-hyphenates.

Segment one: Prince Paul & DJ PForReal aka Paul Huston Sr. and Jr.

The legendary hip-hop producer Prince Paul — known for his pioneering work with Stetsasonic, De La Soul, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Gravediggaz, BROOKZILL! and more — raised his son, DJ PForReal, in the music game. Paul Jr, DJ for rap star Lil Uzi Vert, joined his dad for today’s show to discuss pushing one’s comfort zone, never taking the straight path, faking it till you make it, and what it’s like when your first ever DJ gig is opening up for Wu-Tang’s GZA.

Segment two: Larry Fessenden and Jack Fessenden

The great horror director, producer and actor Larry Fessenden (The Last Winter, Habit) also brought his kid up in his chosen craft. Jack Fessenden, who’s still a teenager (!), has already directed one feature, Stray Bullets, and is in pre-production for his next. The two sat down to chop it up on the highs and lows of coming up in a cinematic family, why Larry likes to mentor young people, and the reason Jack hasn’t seen many of his dad’s films.

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—Elia Einhorn, Talkhouse Podcast host and producer @eliaeinhorn

Today’s episode was co-produced by Mark Yoshizumi.

DJ PForReal was recorded in Atlanta by Luther Banks at Patchwerk Studios.

The Talkhouse Podcast’s theme song was composed and performed by The Range.

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