Jack Fessenden

Writer-director-actor-composer Jack Fessenden grew up on the sets of Glass Eye Pix productions, his father’s indie-horror production company, and helping his mom in her stop-motion animation studio. Inspired by the creativity that surrounded him, Jack began to make little shorts with his friends at age 7. At 13, he started taking film more seriously and began to write his first film, Riding Shotgun, which premiered at the 2013 Woodstock Film Festival and was followed by All for One, The Adults, and Pranks, the latter two premiering at Woodstock as well. Jack spends a lot of his time in Upstate New York, the setting of many of his films, and where many of his collaborators reside. He finished his first feature, Stray Bullets, in April 2016 at age 16; the film is now on release through Screen Media Films.


How I Made My First Feature at 16

By Jack Fessenden | February 3, 2017

How I Made My First Feature at 16

Jack Fessenden, son of director Larry Fessenden, on the story behind his thriller Stray Bullets, which he finished while still in high school.