Cinephile with Mark Borchardt: Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek

In his latest entry in the Cinephile series, Mark Borchardt enjoys a little flight of fancy as he ponders a movie that sadly never was ...

Dig if you will, an unleashed temptation to dream – Quentin Tarantino sure did when the master of cinematic mayhem once had his eyes on adapting a Star Trek episode into big-screen intensity. Tarantino is a super-fan of Captain James T. Kirk and you can bet Spock and McCoy would have exchanged some choice words never before imagined. If this project would’ve actually gone down, we most definitely would have gone where no Star Trek film had ever gone before.

Mark Borchardt is a filmmaker and playwright living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some of his films include Coven, The Dundee Project and The More the Scarier VI.