Cinephile with Mark Borchardt: I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Regular collaborators Frankie Latina and Mark Borchardt launch their new bite-sized film review show with Charlie Kaufman's latest mind-bending movie.

I have enjoyed working with Frankie Latina on various film projects in the past and during the pandemic began collaborating with him on Cinephile with Mark Borchardt, a film-review show which clocks in at one minute flat. Our deep enthusiasm for cinema inspired us to create a vehicle to highlight the films we truly care about, and an animated show produced remotely was a concept we could pursue safely in the current environment. In choosing Charlie Kaufman’s latest offering, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, for our very first episode, we explored a thought-provoking film that stoked our intellectual sensibilities in high-cinematic form.

Mark Borchardt is a filmmaker and playwright living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some of his films include Coven, The Dundee Project and The More the Scarier VI.