Chris Gethard Talks with Mal Blum for the Talkhouse Podcast

The two intertwined artists go deep into mental health, dealing with fans, and Mal’s lack of boundaries.

As I learned from today’s episode, comedian Chris Gethard and singer-songwriter Mal Blum are “self-deprecating sad boys from Jersey” who are attracted to “erratic or controlling people who will blow your life up.” What I already knew going in is that the two are old friends, occasional collaborators, and incredibly talented at their art.

Gethard and Blum joined us on the Talkhouse Podcast to celebrate the release of Blum’s excellent new LP Pity Boy, and their conversation is predictably openhearted, neurotic, and fucking hilarious. Tune in to hear them consider going to a Love Addicts 12-step meeting, share their writing processes (Gethard even opens up his joke notebook and shares some new ideas!), unpack Mal’s lack of boundaries, and learn why Gethard wants to wind up his career.

Today’s episode was co-produced and recorded by Mark Yoshizumi. It was cut at Hook and Fade Studios in Brooklyn.

Research assistance was provided by Madalyn Feltus.

The Talkhouse Podcast’s theme song was composed and performed by The Range.

With this week’s episode, Chris Gethard has joined the (sort of) rare and (moderately) coveted Talkhouse Podcast Hat Trick Club! Check out his previous appearances, talking with Todd Barry and Tim Heidecker.

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