Best of 2022: I, Joan Was a Highlight of Los Bitchos’ Year

Drummer Nic Crawshaw talks the modern day queer take on Joan of Arc.

I, Joan — written by Charlie Josephine and directed by Ilinca Radulian at the Globe Theatre, London — was one of the entertainment highlights of this year for me. I laughed, cried, and was moved in so many ways. The Globe is a very special place, an affordable theater at £5 for the standing tickets (which are the best, as you’re in amongst it and the actors usually come down into the audience during the plays).

I, Joan is a modern day queer take on the Joan of Arc story. Joan is non-binary, and as always at The Globe, there is a very queer and feminist thread running through the production. The stage looked like a big skate ramp with actors sliding down onto the stage from the balcony where the live band (drumming goals) are based. The emotion in the crowd, which felt like a pride event, was so palpable, and we all danced along during the choreographed numbers. Isobel Thom, who plays Joan, was sensational, and when one of the characters misgendered them, we really felt it. Truly inspiring — everyone should see this play if they get a chance!

Los Bitchos’ Let the Festivities Begin! is out now.

(Photo Credit: left, Tom Mitchell)

Los Bitchos is a dance-rock band based in London. Their debut record, Let the Festivities Begin!, is out now on City Slang.

(Photo Credit: Tom Mitchell)