Vincent Sabella

Born in Queens, New York, Los Angeles-based artist, writer and director Vincent Sabella is not a product of art or film school or formal training of any kind, which speaks directly to the expansive and ambitious nature of his self-learned approach as an artist and now, as a filmmaker. His paintings caught the attention of the L.A. art world after debuting his very first and wildly popular collection in 2011, Bear on A Hot Tin Roof, and over the following two years Sabella created four collections comprised of nearly 60 paintings, many of which have been on exhibit in some of Los Angeles’s most respected galleries. He made his directorial debut with the short film Note, and followed it up with two further short films, Anonymous and Imagination of Young. Sabella’s feature debut, Elizabeth Blue, about a young woman recently released from a mental hospital, who is coping with ongoing episodes of schizophrenia, is released theatrically on September 22.


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No Label Required

By Vincent Sabella | September 22, 2017

No Label Required

Vincent Sabella, whose debut feature Elizabeth Blue opens today, asks you to see beyond the superficial.