Tim Atlas

While most artists usually require a small village to take their first steps, LA based Tim Atlas requires nothing but his own two hands to mold his vision. After performing for Pharrell and Rihanna and receiving their encouragement, Tim took the leap and pursued music full-time. His 2018 EP, All Talk!, made a splash in the indie world, racking up over 20 million streams and taking him on headlining tours across the US and UK. Now, Tim is preparing to release his next EP, out Fall 2019, which has already been praised by Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show and by a number of tastemakers alike.


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Tim Atlas Isn’t Just “That Guy from The Voice

By Tim Atlas | July 3, 2019

Tim Atlas Isn’t Just “That Guy from The Voice

The singer-songwriter-producer talks overcoming introversion and the stigma of reality TV.