Eoin French is the Irish artist better known as Talos. While Talos will always be deeply connected to his native Ireland, his stunning sophomore album, Far Out Dust, draws on a far wider perspective, melding tracks written and recorded in New York, Los Angeles, London, Dublin, Cork, and Reykjavik. The influence of the unknown runs deep here, invigorating French’s haunting blend of organic and electronic music with a gorgeous sense of discovery and wonder. But where Talos’ acclaimed debut, Wild Alee, was a solitary affair about isolation and escape, Far Out Dust finds French actually embarking on his long-imagined journeys, drawing strength and comfort from lived experience and deep human connection. The result is both his most ambitious songwriting and most sophisticated studio work, a collection that absolutely radiates creative confidence even as it wrestles with the pain of doubt and regret.

(Photo Credit: Niall O’Brien)


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Gig Economy: Talos

By Talos | April 4, 2019

Gig Economy: Talos

The former architect on how his studies influenced his new album.