Sauna is a brand new Toronto based band featuring Zach Bines (Weaves), Braeden Craig (Greys), and Michael le Riche (Fake Palms).

With synths in bright focus, which le Riche both plays and builds, this project marks a departure from the electric guitar-driven sound of Fake Palms. Bines (bass) and Craig (drums), meanwhile, provide a tough and tight complement to this new approach. Minimalist one minute and maximalist the next, the music is rich with suspense and satisfying subversions of expectation.


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Introducing: Sauna’s “Carousel”

By Sauna | July 31, 2019

Introducing: Sauna’s “Carousel”

A music video premiere, plus a conversation between Michael le Riche (Fake Palms) and the track's producer, Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck).