Nat Baldwin

Nat Baldwin’s seventh solo album In the Hollows comes out via Western Vinyl on April 29th. It’s the following up to 2011’s critically acclaimed, commercially flopped People Changes. Nat is also known to slap the bass for Dirty Projectors and has recorded with Grizzly Bear, Department of Eagles, Vampire Weekend and Deer Tick, among others. He spends most of his time reading books and watching basketball, and currently resides in Kittery, Maine. His website is here, his Facebook page is hereIn the Hollows is available at Western Vinyl (LP/CD) or iTunes (MP3). (Photo credit: Lindsay Metivier)


The simple combination of Baldwin's bass and singing is pure, direct, and timeless. Today, when most of the so-called musical innovators simply offer contemporary takes on already proven and accepted movements in music (neo-psychedelia, nth-wave garage bands...) Portsmouth, New Hampshire's Nat Baldwin is a true original. Baldwin is an upright bass player and a singer, but he takes both of those things to their limit, and has perfected a sound that he can call entirely his own. Trained under free jazz master Anthony Braxton, Nat is involved with Dirty Projectors and his song "Only In My Dreams" from his Lights Out CD EP is featured in a new Orange ad (in the UK). It looks like the world is starting to give Mr. Baldwin the attention he deserves. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.


Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors) Talks Spenking’s Bad Blood, Good Blood

By Nat Baldwin | April 25, 2014

Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors) Talks Spenking’s Bad Blood, Good Blood

Once in a while a feeling hits us at the right time, knocks us flat, paralyzes the senses. We come to all jolted and emboldened in spirit with no...