Nané is an indie R&B outfit from Austin, Texas. Called Nané as a term of endearment by his family in the Dominican Republic, Daniel Sahad determined the band’s name with a communal approach in mind – when you call him Nané, you’re family too. The band originally formed in 2016 at The University of Texas at Austin where Sahad and guitarist, Ian Green first started playing and writing together. Nané rose quickly on the Austin music scene, playing a series of sold-out shows in front of the shimmering curtains of Stay Gold and in their first year as a band, they headlined for crowds of over 1,200 people, as well as opened shows for Black Pumas and Bob Schneider among others.

(Photo Credit: Alex Parker)


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Dominican Cowboy

By Nané | November 18, 2020

Dominican Cowboy

Nané’s Daniel Sahad on creating your culture as a first generation American.