Michal Towber

Michal Towber was born in Ashkelon, Israel, and raised in NYC. She is a classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist who graduated from Yale University and Columbia Law School.

Michal released her first record at 17, Sky With Stars on Columbia. The album was co-produced by Towber and Soul Asylum front man, Dave Pirner. In the years since, she’s released seven more album including the latest and had her music appear in numerous television shows and films including ABC’s One Life to Live for which she won an Emmy award, HBO feature films Kiss the Bride and Jack and Jill vs. the World, Lifetime’s True Confessions of a Go Go Girl, the films Dark Rising and Duck Farm No. 13, to name but a new. Her eighth album is No Resolution.


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When I Was a Teenage (Almost) Rockstar

By Michal Towber | February 6, 2019

When I Was a Teenage (Almost) Rockstar

"Sure, it makes a good story. But for what? For whom?"