Mariam Ghani

Mariam Ghani is the director and producer of What We Left Unfinished, a documentary about Communist-era filmmakers in Afghanistan and the action movies they were never able to complete, which opened in theatres and virtual cinemas nationwide on August 6 through Dekanalog. She previously co-wrote Afghanistan: A Lexicon with her father, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani, co-created the Afghan Films online archive with, and served as an archival producer for the recent ARTE series Afghanistan: The Wounded Land. Ghani’s short films and multiple-channel installations have been presented by IFFR, CPH:DOX, Lincoln Center, MoMA, and the National Gallery, among others, and are in the permanent collections of such institutions as the Guggenheim, the Smithsonian, the Arab American National Museum and the Sharjah Art Foundation (UAE). In 2020, she had solo museum shows in Houston and Louisville. Ryan Lee Gallery in New York represents her short-form, installation, and photographic work. What We Left Unfinished is Ghani’s first feature; she is currently in production on her second feature, Dis-Ease.


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Why I Stopped Making Films in the Art World

By Mariam Ghani | August 11, 2021

Why I Stopped Making Films in the Art World

Mariam Ghani, whose striking new documentary What We Left Unfinished is out now, on what pushed her to change the kind of work she made.