Caytha Jentis

Caytha Jentis’ latest film as writer-producer, the road movie Pooling to Paradise starring Jonathan Lipnicki, Taryn Manning and Dreama Walker, is out now on VOD and digital. Caytha has written, directed and produced features, an online series, and an award-winning stage play that has been turned into a musical. She has several projects in various stages of development, and has an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA and a BS in TV/Film from Syracuse University. She began her career as a literary agent in New York and was profiled by the Writers Guild as well as Screenwriter Magazine. She is a member of the Writers Guild, Film Fatales and the Producers Guild.


Living Life for the Story

By Caytha Jentis | August 10, 2021

Living Life for the Story

To mark the release of her fourth film, the road movie Pooling to Paradise, writer Caytha Jentis reflects on her own journey.