Lola Kirke

Lola Kirke is no stranger to shape-shifting—as an actress with a steadily ascending star, she’s had major roles in David Fincher’s Gone Girl and Noah Baumbach’s Mistress America, as well as the Golden Globe-winning Amazon show Mozart in the Jungle. While less in the fore, her passion for music has stayed constant, with her guitar following her from dressing room to dressing room.

Born to a musical family, Lola embarked on her own musical journey with her four-track EP released in 2016. Tracked live to tape in East Los Angeles and produced by frequent collaborator Wyndham Garnett (Elvis Perkins in Dearland, WYNDHAM) her debut LP Heart Head West, asserts her as part of the artistic tradition she holds so dear: delivering her own heart, laid bare for someone else to hear as theirs.


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Tears of Rage: on Modern Americana and The Band

By Lola Kirke | August 3, 2018

Tears of Rage: on Modern Americana and The Band

"What must artists working in the tradition of Americana do in order to create work that remains a viable source of love and joy?"