John Maringouin

John Maringouin is a South Louisiana born writer, director, cinematographer and editor. His first film Running Stumbled was described by Filmmaker as “an absolute epic in the fucked up family genre” and received a 2008 Spirit Award nomination for documentary. John’s second feature, Big River Man, about a Slovenian endurance swimmer’s attempt to swim the Amazon river, won multiple 2009 film awards including the World Documentary Cinematography award at Sundance. In 2015, Maringouin took home Sundance’s Best Editing award for Documentary for his work on the rock doc We Are X, making him the only Sundance alum to receive honors for both disciplines. Ghostbox Cowboy, Maringouin’s first fiction feature, about corrupt American entrepreneurs in China, premiered in the narrative competition at Tribeca 2018 and since picked up Best Independent Feature at the 2018 Denver Film Festival. Ghostbox Cowboy is distributed by Dark Star Pictures and is now playing in select theaters.


The Great Significance of Darwin the Retrieving Cat

By John Maringouin | December 14, 2018

The Great Significance of Darwin the Retrieving Cat

The writer-director of Ghostbox Cowboy considers how we put disparate pieces of life together to make art.