John Badham

John Badham is a director and producer of theatrical films and television, including hits like WarGames, Stakeout, Short Circuit and Saturday Night Fever. Badham’s films have been nominated for five Academy Awards and two Emmy Awards. His books I’ll Be in My Trailer and the first edition of John Badham: On Directing are taught in film schools worldwide. A second edition of John Badham on Directing, featuring new chapters in which Badham and his peers candidly detail the creative, political, and procedural perils in directing streaming and episodic television versus film, is out in September 2020. He is a Professor of Film & Media Arts at Chapman University.


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That Roller Coaster Day Directing Goldie Hawn

By John Badham | September 9, 2020

That Roller Coaster Day Directing Goldie Hawn

Legendary director John Badham, who has a new edition of his book On Directing out now, shares a favorite filmmaking story.