Joe Sill

Joe Sill is a filmmaker who grew up falling in love with stories about characters diving into the “unknown” – on a quest to discover truth, whether of a mystery surrounding them or of a deeper question within them that they don’t yet understand. He has spent most of his career working in short form with various artists and companies to tell similar stories. His piece, TESLA – Modern Spaceship, garnered the attention of Elon Musk as well as the rest of TESLA, Business Insider, USA Today, AdWeek, AdAge, and captivated audiences and agencies alike into joining a child on his journey to turn his father’s car into a spaceship. His first feature film, Stray, starring Christine Woods (The Walking Dead), Karen Fukuhara (Suicide Squad), Miyavi (Unbroken), and Ross Partridge (Stranger Things), is out March 1 through Screen Media. Learn more at


Don’t Wait For Permission

By Joe Sill | February 27, 2019

Don’t Wait For Permission

Stray writer-director Joe Sill on the initiative that has propelled him forward in his filmmaking career.