Jessica Risker

Chicago-based musical collage artist Jessica Risker released her new album, I See You Among The Stars, this spring on Western Vinyl. Comprised of eight aural vignettes, the album is a wood-grained, amber-hued world respectfully orbiting influences like Nick Drake, Sibylle Baier, and the softest moments of Broadcast. There is a perfect thread of quiet despair that renders the playfulness of its surroundings subversive and slightly wicked, making the whole affair psychedelic in the actual sense of the word.

(Photo Credit: Rachel Winslow)


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Gig Economy: Jessica Risker

By Jessica Risker | October 22, 2018

Gig Economy: Jessica Risker

"Why do we automatically connect the word 'success' with money? Do I even want to make music with money as an end goal?"