Jessica Kavana Dornbusch

Jessica Kavana Dornbusch is a writer and director who is best known for her film Love and Debate (2006), a coming-of-age story set in Miami, based on her experiences as a high school and college debater. With continued determination to create made-in-Miami films, Kavana Dornbusch followed her feature film debut with two short films, Escape and Snap, both of which were showcased at film festivals around the world. She has worked for Univision, Televen (in Venezuela) and helped pioneer HTV out of Miami. After seven years in development, Kavana Dornbusch’s second feature film, Reefa, based on the life of murdered Colombian artist, Israel Hernandez, is out April 16 through Vertical Entertainment.


When I Needed Them, My Community Was There for Me

By Jessica Kavana Dornbusch | April 12, 2021

When I Needed Them, My Community Was There for Me

Director Jessica Kavana Dornbusch on how her Miami filmmaking peers stepped up when her new movie Reefa was illegally shut down by the police.