Jenni Olson

Jenni Olson is a queer film historian/archivist, writer and non-fiction filmmaker based in Berkeley, California. Her two feature-length essay films — The Joy of Life (2005) and The Royal Road (2015) — premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and, like her many short films, have screened internationally to awards and acclaim. She was named to the Out Magazine Out 100 list in 2020, and in 2021 was recognized with the prestigious Special Teddy Award at the Berlin Film Festival. Jenni is a former co-director of Frameline, the oldest and largest queer film festival on the planet, co-founded the pioneering LGBTQ online platform, as well as the legendary Queer Brunch at Sundance. She is also the proud proprietor of Her work as a film historian includes the Lambda Award nominated The Queer Movie Poster Book (Chronicle Books, 2005) and her many vintage movie trailer presentations (Homo Promo, Afro Promo, etc.). A 2018 MacDowell Fellow, Jenni is now in development on her third feature-length essay film, The Quiet World and an essayistic memoir of the same name.


Yesterday would have been the 80th birthday of Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. I'm proud to continue to work on maintaining…

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Pursuing Pasolini

By Jenni Olson | September 2, 2022

Pursuing Pasolini

Filmmaker and historian of LGBTQ cinema Jenni Olson on her unusual relationship with the late Italian auteur, who this year celebrates his centenary.

Vertigo, My Celluloid Madeleine

By Jenni Olson | September 6, 2016

Vertigo, My Celluloid Madeleine

Jenni Olson delves into her obsession with Hitchcock's masterpiece, and its connection to the tragic death of one of her dear friends.