Iuli Gerbase

Iuli Gerbase, a Brazilian filmmaker, studied Cinema and Creative Writing. At 20 years old, she started making films and developed a taste for writing strong dialogues and exploring inner conflicts. She has written and directed six short films, selected for festivals around the world like TIFF and Havana Film Fest. Her first feature film, The Pink Cloud, a drama with touches of surrealism and scifi, premiered at Sundance in 2021 and is out now in theaters through Blue Fox Entertainment. For her next projects, Iuli is developing her second feature, another sci-fi drama, and a TV series. (Photo by Louise Carpenedo.)


The Actress, the Wig and the Alligator

By Iuli Gerbase | January 21, 2022

The Actress, the Wig and the Alligator

Writer-director Iuli Gerbase shares the story of that time when one of the leads in her latest film, The Pink Cloud, went a little crazy …