I Am Casting

I Am Casting is a project helmed by Cole Guerra. After touring in support of last album, Scarves & Knives, Cole disappeared from the music landscape, only recently re-emerging with new music. I Am Casting was adopted as the artist name for the project, highlighting the focus on characters (including “bad actors”), hinting at the music’s cinematic and theatrical elements, and more flexibly setting an expectation that the musical approach might change from scene to scene, album to album.

​I Am Casting’s debut album is called Carnival Barkers. Sitting atop textured arrangements are lyrics shaped to a considerable degree by the political landscape of the time — songs about manipulation, about predators and clowns, about appeals to fear and anger and tribe.

(Photo Credit: Alex Boerner)


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Gig Economy: I Am Casting

By I Am Casting | March 12, 2019

Gig Economy: I Am Casting

Cole Guerra took nearly 15 years off from songwriting to be a psychologist, and his career informed the songs that came after.