Haley Blais

Haley Blais is a Vancouver based singer-songwriter/musician. She’s been DIY-ing it since 2014, turning out song after song of defiant scream-into-your-pillow bedroom pop anthems. Since the success of her 2018 EP Let Yourself Go, Haley has organically earned a considerable online reputation for her self-deprecating, self-loving balladry sung out in operatic crescendos. 2020 sees the release of highly awaited debut Below the Salt via Tiny Kingdom Music.

(Photo Credit: Lindsay Elliott)


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In Conversation: Doohickey Cubicle and Haley Blais

By Haley Blais | March 16, 2021

In Conversation: Doohickey Cubicle and Haley Blais

The indie musicians talk music… and death.

From Passive to Passionate

By Haley Blais | August 18, 2020

From Passive to Passionate

How E.T. the Extra Terrestrial changed the way Haley Blais experiences and consumes art.